Welcome to EzzyGreen!

Thank you for using our products and services (referred to as “Services”). By registering to use EzzyGreen Services, you are understood to agree to the terms and conditions below (referred to as “Terms of Service”). EzzyGreen reserves the right to update and change the terms of service by updating information on EzzyGreen' website. We recommend that you return to this page to check and update each time we have a new announcement.

1. Account rental policy:

Customers are only allowed to run ads for products that do not violate the policies, as set forth at https://facebook.com/policies/ads.

All advertising campaigns must be moderated by EzzyGreen policy team.

EzzyGreen reserves the right to stop campaigns and close accounts when it is discovered that customers intentionally run campaigns that violate policies without censorship.

Customers are only allowed to use registered domains and fanpages to deploy ads.

EzzyGreen is obliged to notify Customers of announcements from Facebook, affecting customers's advertising campaigns. If any adverse problems arise, the Parties must promptly notify each other for discussion and settlement.

EzzyGreen will collect a deposit fee ($500) when customers run products that violate policies and products that have not been censored even if the account has not been disabled.

Minimum advertising budget 1500$/month/account. If the customer spends less than 1500$/month/account, EzzyGreen will surcharge 50$/account.

Within 30 days, if the customer does not incur any spending on the account, EzzyGreen will unilaterally revoke the contract without prior notice. The balance in the account and the deposit (if any) will be refunded after 15 working days.

2. Privacy Policy:

EzzyGreen is responsible for keeping all customer information confidential, including contact information, products advertised by the Customer.

The two parties commit not to disclose confidential information unless required to do so by law or a competent State agency.

3. Account is disabled:

In case the account is not disabled but the website or fanpage is locked or does not want to follow the initial registration information, or request to open a new account instead. The opening fee is $50/account.

EzzyGreen is responsible for appealing the disabled account. After 72 hours, if it is not reactivated, Phanbros will issue a new account to replace the customer.

EzzyGreen is not responsible for appealing the customer's Domain/Fanpage/BM/FB Account.

In case the account is disabled. EzzyGreen will assist with the appeal. EzzyGreen is not responsible and cannot interfere with the time Facebook returns results. After 72 hours, if the account is not resistant, EzzyGreen will support the new account in accordance with Facebook's ad account granting process.

4. Contract liquidation process

EzzyGreen is responsible for reporting account balances to customers.
The amount will be refunded after 15 working days.

In case the customer wants to end the contract early, Phanbros will refund the amount including the account deposit fee (if any) and the unfinished budget balance in the customer's account after 15 working days from the date of completion. final balance closing procedure. An account surcharge that has not yet reached the minimum budget will still be charged for the remaining months.

When the customer does not spend up to the total budget of $5,000 but wants to stop the contract, EzzyGreen will collect a support fee of $200.