How to Purchase Facebook Ad Accounts?

Please select the product which you want to buy and select what kind of accounts you are looking for. After selection adds it into your cart and click on the button where it says checkout. Fill the checkout form and place the order.

How to set up Facebook ad accounts on my desktop?

That is really a very important part of the FB ad accounts, if you will do any mistakes Facebook will detect unusual activities and your account will get banned instantly without doing anything. You should read the FAQ carefully and if you still have questions please contact us via SKYPE.

Which product is best for beginners?

We have many types of ad accounts but for the newbie, we will suggest Facebook Agency Package 01 which is cheap and with a small amount of spending limit.

What do the limits of $50 and $250 mean?

It means you are only allowed to spend up to $50 or $250 in a day. If you want to run more budget you need to buy more ad accounts or unlimited accounts (Coming soon...).

What is the condition for refund and replacement?

We are not offering any kind of replacement because some guys are using already used cards and some are running Blackhat ads and getting disabled too quickly, and they are asking for the replacement and refund. We are offering a refund and replacement policy for unused accounts only (24 Hours only).

What changes can be done after the delivery of ad accounts?

We will suggest you go with it as it is condition. Don’t change anything even the password (Don’t worry, we are not reselling). You can change the password after a few days.

What kind of campaign I can run?

After getting the accounts, please go with safe ads like Page Like or Post Engagement. Please don’t run a conversion campaign on the first day.

What is the difference between Verified BM and Unverified Business Manager?

Now a day Facebook is asking you to verify your business when you are running ads on unverified Facebook with the business manager. But our verified BM is already verified with Business so you won’t have any issue running the ads.

Your Verified BM can be unverified?

Yes, if Facebook finds any illegal activities in your FB ad account, they will ask you to verify it again and mark your business as unverified.